Equine Rehab


With the latest install of a 2020 GG Gallop Treadmill we are now able to take in horses for rehabilitation after injury or operation. We can house the horses here in either a box or a small yard and complete your vets full rehab program here on site including any under saddle work.

We have yards which increase in size from 5m X 5m all the way up to full sized paddocks. 


Our treadmill can reach speeds up to 44km per hour, which partnered with its steep 6 degree incline there isn't any horse that wouldn't benefit from work on our treadmill. From race horses to performance horses, we are able to tailor a program to suit your horse and their needs. 


Casual treadmill hire is available - contact us to make a booking. 

Casual treadmill hire - $55 per horse per treadmill session

Casual treadmill hire multiple horses (2 or more booked back to back) - $50 per horse per treadmill session


Rehab - $550 per week including GST

Includes hay and hard feed twice a day, rug changes as necessary and yard agistment (stabling available at $33 per day) and up to 8 treadmill sessions per week following your vets rehab plan.