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Stabled Agistment

At Grandview, we offer a very select number of places for full care stabled agistment. Horses kept with us are cared for as if they are our own.


With full access to all facilities on the property, you will have everything you need to keep your horse in peak condition.

Alternatively, if you go away, we are able to provide services of treadmilling, lunging and riding your horse for you. 

Our Rate: $85.00 per day including GST

($595.00 per week)

Stabled in a 4X4m Rubber Lined Stable

Our horses stabled with us have rubber lined walls and floors in their boxes, fresh shavings in their boxes weekly, automatic water troughs, and cameras to be checked 24/7.


Big Turn out Paddocks with Shelters

Horses stabled with us each have a large turn out paddock which has got a 4X4m shelter, automatic water, regular spraying and aerating of paddocks, and weekly paddock cleans.


All inclusive feed

Our feed room is always fully stocked with a large range of feed products. When agisted with us, your horse will receive two hard feeds per day, and 3 biscuit of grass hay per day. We are able to tailor your horses feeds to suit their needs and to make sure they are looking and feeling great.


Full Access to our facilities 

While agisted with us, you will have access to a 20X60m indoor arena with a waxed martin collins surface which has got floodlights. 30X55m outdoor arena with a full set of jumping gear and floodlights, GG gallop treadmill which has got a 6 degree incline and kilometres of trail riding just outside our gates.

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